Chocolate Smoothie Packs

IMG_4937I have been having a smoothie for breakfast for about 6 months now.  I have changed from a little blender making a simple smoothie shake to having way more ingredients.  I added the old video below in case you wanted to see the beginner smoothie.

Usually I just add all the ingredients to the  blender and my little one helps me out.  This time I put the frozen and the dry ingredients in separate bags.  I also make my own almond milk.  This is cheaper.  I don’t have to worry about the other almond milk going bad.  There is less ingredients and it stays the same to me.

First I make “Chocolate almond milk”  by taking the dry bag and adding water.  There is 12 almonds, 3 teaspoons chia seeds, and 2 teaspoons chocolate. I put this with a cup and a half of water and a couple dates then blend.  I add the dates for sweetness.  They are a new find and I love them.

Then add the frozen bag:  1 scoop ice, 3/4 cup blue berries, and 1 banana.  Then blend with the other ingredients (I like mine a little icy).  Sometimes I add a little something green if I have something left over in the fridge but I don’t this week.  When I bled it up all I really taste is chocolate icy so it tastes good to me.  I usually give some to my daughter by putting in a couple strawberries before the chocolate.  She likes strawberry better.

Bag #1:

  • Blanched almonds
  • chia seeds
  • chocolate powder

Add Dates

Bag #2:

  • Ice
  • Blueberries
  • Banana

Jungle Wonder Limerick, PA

Jungle Wonder is an indoor playground.  We went on a Tuesday which has half price (Only $3).  We had a great time.  The adults got to catch up and get out of the house on a cold day, and the kids got to have fun.  She slept well after this too.

There was a bounce house for small children.  Then a place for her to climb around and slide.  All inside.  She had a great time.  Of course she cried when we left.  I hope to bring her back some time soon.

My friends and I both parked on the wrong side of the building.  Jungle Wonder is located at the top of the building but you need to go to the “back” center to get in.  1912293_10202267473746974_639135198_o 1913325_10202267474706998_1439054490_o 1921896_10202267472666947_1131253152_n 1958015_10100742414946608_1117446095_n 1982007_10100742413863778_812187135_n


Click to view google map of parks.

Park Near Piper Airport

We had a great first warm day of the year at this park.  I choose this park because while there is snow drainage this park was dry.  One negative of this park is there is no shade.  This was great for my daughter and I who have been stuck inside most of winter.

This park has nice fast slides.  Also a play area for small children.  She did want to try both.  There is a fence around the area but there is no gates so you need to watch your children carefully.

I enjoyed walking on the soft ground as she played on the sets. This place also has nice benches for adults and even a pavilion to eat lunch.

Click to view google map of park.

IMG_4691 IMG_4694 IMG_4695