Morning Walk to Work

Since I live about 3/4 of a mile from work, some times I walk.  I know, I know I should walk every day but sometimes I rather sleep another 20 minutes.  Also, it is up hill both ways.    But when I do walk, I try to enjoy the view!  This picture is taken on the LHU campus behind Robinson Hall. 

Thankful Thursday

I saw this post on Life After I “Dew” and thought I would create my own. 
I am thankful for:
  • Friends and family.  This is such an important factor in my life.  I do not know what I would do without them.  They are what makes life exciting.  I love helping them out when I can.
  • My Wonderful Husband.  I have been blessed to meet a great guy at the right time.  I always enjoy spending time with him. 
  • Charlie– A couple years ago on a dream board that I created, I added a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Well I got one!  I didn’t think it was possible but George got permission to have him in our apartment and we decided to purchase him.  I am amazed at the amount of tricks that he can do!  
  • No Debt-  There are so many material objects in my life.  It is great to know the feeling that I do not owe anyone for them.  I might not have the nicest car or house, but I know that I can afford them. 

Crabfest 2010!

George and I went to Crabfest 2010 at our friends Adam and Diana’s House.  Diana is a friend from college and we were both recently in each others weddings.  
This was the invite for Crabfest on facebook: 
Crabfest 2010
“Giving crabs to even more friends than ever before!”

Whether you’re new to the annual Crabfest celebration or a returning veteran ready to dig in you should be aware that this year is the biggest Crabfest yet!


Just like it sounds, Crabfest is a party for friends and family; a time to get together, meet, mingle, and enjoy delicious steamed crabs, grilled goodies, cold beverages for all ages, and even more fresh fried foods.


– Fresh, steamed crabs (served mid-afternoon for picking)
– Fresh french fries and wings (through to the evening)
– Cold beers, Mike’s variety packs, mixers with an open bar, and water (for the tame)
– Stybs’ “Famous” Chili Cheese Dip
– A selection of sides and sweets


Yourself for starters! Those of you who know to bring something already know what it is. If you want to bring something just ask (so nothing’s duplicated)! If you’re in doubt just kick a few bucks to the crab bucket so we can give the gift of crabs again!


Absolutely – please plan to stay overnight if you’re up for having fun after the sun goes down. There is limited bed/couch space so if you have a sleeping bag or air mattress it may be helpful to bring it along (at least for those who don’t have something if you get a room). No one should drive away and put themselves and others at risk!


Hope to see you here!

Tea Time!

I like to take a little work break in the morning and have some tea. My favorite is just plan jane earl grey. I have tried a lot of different tea but black is my favorite. Sometimes I drink green tea because it hear that it is good for you.

For Christmas I got A LOT of tea from George’s family.  I think my personal stash is stocked up for a long time now!  I think my tea obsession started when I studied abroad in England with my friend Laurie.  We drank tea with every meal.  Now when we travel together I think we do the same!  What is your favorite type of tea?