Fabulous House Friday – Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige

If anyone is interested the color of the interior of our house is Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige. My sister did her room in the color, and I like it so much I did our entire house with it. I think it is a nice color without too much brown or yellow. It hides a dirt too! If I did the entire house over again at this point, I would probably go with gray though.  Here are some similar Stacked Ball Table Lamps.  

How to Grow Celery from Normal Kitchen Waste

On pintrest I saw how you can plant celery.  I read that you can plant the extra piece that I usually compost anyway to create celery that you can use on an as needed basis.  Celery is in many of my soups including chicken soup.  Who doesn’t need more chicken soup in their house?

Here is a website that has done this before where I selected the image above from.  This website said that this type of “supermarket” celery is harder to grow.  Using old plastic bottles  is a great way to start these types of plants inside.  After I go though my cut up freezer celery, I would like to try this!

4 Steps to Update Your Bathroom Vanity

When we moved into our house, we did many updating projects.  The upstairs bathroom wasn’t on the list.  Well now it is finished.  This entire project cost about $400 but I think it was a big change.  I finally can brush my teeth at a granite counter top every morning!  I hope you enjoy the changes!

Step 1. We started by painting the walls tan, the trim white, and adding a new mirror and light fixture. 
Step 2. We also added laminate tile squares to the floor. As you see just adding new hardware to the cabinet did not do much for this cabinet. 

Step 3. Here I sanded off the finish, added wood puddy to a couple holes, and took off the doors to be painted separately. 
Step 4. I then painted the cabinet.  (We have hated this green countertop since we moved in!)
Here we bought the granite counter top, needed to move out the cabinet a little to fit the new sink, and finished the project.  We are very happy with how it turned out.  No more green!! I also realize that my husband could do some light pluming! Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige Paint

Fabulous House Friday- Front Walk

Our house does not have a front walk. For about $100 we are adding our own. Here is the layout of the path. To make this layout I made a straight line with a string, then put nails in the places where the stones should be placed. I bought each stone at Lowes for about $3.50 with 10% off and with Lowes gift cards that I got from Discover Cash Back.

I learned how to put the stones in the ground from this post. Now when it gets warmer and drier I will put them all in the ground where they are laying.

Fabulous House Friday- Stepping Stone Path

Our house does not have any sidewalks. We are starting the plans to add some. One thought would be a stepping stone path I like this idea (with the stones parallel). Hopefully as the weather gets warmer, and we decide where the fence will go, we can add some of these to out yard. Then when we get some snow, it will be easier to shovel. But more importantly provide a place to walk when the weather is nice!