Getting Closer to Finishing the Addition

1655629_10202215715813058_932297923_o The hope addition project continues.  The house is mostly finished on the outside.  Now the work on the inside begins.  Currently someone is just finishing the dry wall.  Then we can start put things back together.

We started tonight by priming the walls and ceiling.  We will then move to painting, putting up trim, window coverings, flooring, and then my favorite party actually using the space for family and friends.  We are getting closer to the goal every day.

Here is a picture of what we were living with for a couple weeks to attempt to keep as much dry wall dust as humanly possible out of the living area.

Then a picture of me in my paint clothes being the sloppy painter that I am.  I am so excited there is little trimming due to the fact we don’t have a floor in or trim up yet.



  • View construction of the additions with SIPS panels here.
  • Here is the post with the lights that we wanted to add to our addition. Not all of them made it due to some changes in plans.
  •  View the house plans here.

Kitchen Remodel To Share

Morgandale remodel 001


My Mom is an amazing decorator and my Dad is pretty handy.  They have had rentals my entire life growing up.  I thought I would share their last remodel project with you.  This place is for rent soon so if you want to live by the Landsale exit of the PA turnpike this could be your kitchen!

The recently added new cabinets, added the back splash, and updated the appliances and lights.  Doesn’t this kitchen look great!  I bet someone could even add an island if they wanted.  I wish my kitchen was this wide.  I am always impressed with the things they can create together.

Tomato Plants

Living in an apartment makes it hard to have a garden.  On our back step I added two tomato plants.  I planted them around May 3rd. 

Here is a close up shot of one of the plants.  One is cherry tomatoes and one is Roma, I think.  I forget what I planted.  I think one of the plants produces orange or yellow fruit. You can see our “we have a dog sign” on our back door. Also, the rock I found that I painted an R on. 

This morning I saw that this is a couple small tomatoes starting.  My Mom used similar plants in a topsy turvy.  So far they are both about the same size. In the last couple weeks these plants have needed little water because of all the rain we have been getting. 

My current office

This is the view from my desk.  You can see the flowers bloomed from yesterday.  These shelves were hidden in the closet when I moved in.  I put them back up because they look nice on the wall.  This is a big upgrade from my cubicle at my last job.