$20 for Children’s Room Walls- Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention

Charlie the Cavalier Begs for AttentionWe had an empty wall in our little girls playroom.  So I added wall art for $20.  I took the book Charlie the Cavalier Begs for attention and cut the book into different pages.  I then went to the Good Will in town and got all of these different color frames for $12 for 8 frames in total.  We had white paint and a busy in the house from another project.  I took the glass out of the frames and then painted them.  I selected frames based on different things. First the picture had to fit in them.  Then the back had to come off easily and be able to put back on.  This would also look great with all different pastel colors.

Next I had to clean the glass with windex and take the current pictures out of the mat.  Some had mats and some did not.  For the frames without mats I put white paper behind them.  I then added the images.

Finally I arranged the frames on a piece of cardboard in the configuration that I want.  I then marked where I wanted to put the nails.  I then actually nailed the cardboard to the wall.  When I pulled the cardboard off the nails were in the right spot.

This project did take 4 hours to complete but I had fun doing to project and think it looks great.