Taking off my Google Training Wheels

1932532_10202204139083647_2053395509_oHey.  This is me on the right.  I did get out of the house this year.  We went on a ski trip with friends.  No I did not win this amazing award this is just an air freshener.  I don’t need to win anything.  I am pretty content with all that God has given me.

But this post is about growing.  See I started Charlie the Cavalier on blogger.  While I like Google because they let people try pretty much anything for free they don’t let you try anything.  That is why I moved this blog to wordpress and got my own cool domain name.  Can you believe Charlie the Cavalier was not taken?  I did it because Google closed one of my blogs with all of the information that I had.  At first I was in shock.  I wanted it back.  How could they just do that with all of my data? Then I realized that I did not pay anything for it and they can do what ever they want.  I moved on and now I think the site is better than ever.  After learning some new stuff which was fun and stressful, I really like wordpress better.  There I said it.

Then as I was enjoying creating content and making some extra cash google decided that I can not be part of adsense / YouTube ads anymore.  Again there was some shock.  But that is ok.  My Google training wheels are coming off and I am going to keep trying out different ad revenue sources.  You see as the site grows and changes occur I am ok with changing with the times.  I wonder what Google will take away from me in the future.  I hope it is not Google maps, I really like Google maps.  But for now I will keep learning new things with Google and then try other companies as I grow in knowledge and need for more.

What technology training wheels have you taken off recently?