The Hexels

W1958298_10202280511992922_2135165985_nhile my last couple kickstarter campaigns did not reach full funding my husband funded one that did. He funded The Hexels campaign to create these plastic hexes for Catan (Settlers of Catan) pieces.

See we play Catan on average about 2x a week with friends.  We love this game.  We even have most of the expansions.  But playing on tables like this at the coffee shop use to be difficult.  There is a hole in the center and it is uneven.  But the hexels made it easy to play.  We could even see the roads better.  The contrast was great with the lighting.  I do admit we did get some super glue stuck to our hands putting the covers pieces on when we put them together but this will not happen if you purchase them assembled in the future.  Putting them together is probably the craftiest things I have ever done with my husband.

Just to see how much we love catan here is us playing catan at a birthday party.  Catan made my favorite board games list.  We have so many Catan pieces that we need to keep them organized and easy to travel to our favorite coffee shop (Avenue 209).   My daughter even got Catanamals for her first birthday.  She has been listening to us play Catan since she was in the womb.  And finally for my husbands 30th birthday I made him the famous catan cupcakes.  Do you Catan?

Random fact.  When we pronounce Catan we say tan at the end which is wrong but we do it anyway.