Chocolate Smoothie Packs

IMG_4937I have been having a smoothie for breakfast for about 6 months now.  I have changed from a little blender making a simple smoothie shake to having way more ingredients.  I added the old video below in case you wanted to see the beginner smoothie.

Usually I just add all the ingredients to the  blender and my little one helps me out.  This time I put the frozen and the dry ingredients in separate bags.  I also make my own almond milk.  This is cheaper.  I don’t have to worry about the other almond milk going bad.  There is less ingredients and it stays the same to me.

First I make “Chocolate almond milk”  by taking the dry bag and adding water.  There is 12 almonds, 3 teaspoons chia seeds, and 2 teaspoons chocolate. I put this with a cup and a half of water and a couple dates then blend.  I add the dates for sweetness.  They are a new find and I love them.

Then add the frozen bag:  1 scoop ice, 3/4 cup blue berries, and 1 banana.  Then blend with the other ingredients (I like mine a little icy).  Sometimes I add a little something green if I have something left over in the fridge but I don’t this week.  When I bled it up all I really taste is chocolate icy so it tastes good to me.  I usually give some to my daughter by putting in a couple strawberries before the chocolate.  She likes strawberry better.

Bag #1:

  • Blanched almonds
  • chia seeds
  • chocolate powder

Add Dates

Bag #2:

  • Ice
  • Blueberries
  • Banana