Growing Up Too Fast

1554567_10202011925038416_1848949621_nOur little two year old is growing up so fast.  I want to share some of the fun things she has been doing and saying.

As you see when I was holding this baby she wanted to hold the baby in the same way.  And rock the baby too.

Recently on a trip down the stairs she wanted to let her baby walk down while holding the babies hand like I hold hers.  Half way down she even said good job baby.  At the bottom of the stairs she did the same thing.

She even puts her baby on the top of the bed like she will fall off over the bed rail and goes on the ground to pretend to save the baby.  I think she likes helping out when someone is in need.

Right before bed time she put her baby to sleep.  She tucked the baby in, kissed the forehead, then left the room and closed the door while saying sweet dreams.

I am sharing this story because she just started talking only a couple months ago.  Yet she has learned so much already.  I love how she shows compassion and empathy to others.  As a former instructional designer I try to create lessons to help others learned.  But all the things that my daughter showed me have not been taught in lesson form.  I also did not test her on the subject to see if she passed or not.  But someday she may be a Mom too and by age 2 she already has learned some of the skill-set.