Why I Continue to Blog

1902767_10202222066411819_265410763_nI have had the Charlie the Cavalier blog for almost 5 years now.  Many changes have happened over those years.  The main reason I blog is to share information with others to help them out.  I want others to learn from my mistakes or to help them out with the gifts that I have been given.

The reason I thought of this post was from a video I added to youtube the other day.  Here is the video below.  The thing is I don’t like watching myself.  I also don’t like to watch people watching me.  So why do I continue to post videos on YouTube? I do it so others can learn.  I know people learn in different ways.  I don’t mind editing video so this is a preferred way to get information out there.

I also don’t like to edit my work (as you know).  I don’t like to read what I write but I like to get information out there.

Now I that I am a Stay-At-Home Mom there are other reasons that I like to blog.  I feel more connected to the world.  I get to share my family with others who are far away.  I am not getting free stuff which is curbing my online spending.

I think I got better at blogging from doing work for my masters and doctorate classes.  Each week I would complete discussion questions.  When there was gaps in classes I wanted to continue to write and respond to others.

The image on this post is my little girl.  See she likes to mimic me.  I usually am at my computer, with my phone, and my camera.  I am pretty content with this.  If I am not on vacation or hanging out with friends this is really where I prefer to be.

But the reason I started blogging is because I love to try new things online.  Especially things that are free and help others learn or spread knowledge.  This is why I also got into selling online books that became the 50 Things to Know book line.  I have to admit I like the google ad and amazon associates income too.

Why do you blog?  Do you need any help with blogging?  Are you ready to start a blog?