Some Reasons a Cruise May Not Be For You and Your Family

1604977_10201936599555326_1612576700_nI have been on 13 cruises to date.  Yes I feel very blessed.  That is probably 5 months at sea so far.  I have been to many beautiful places around the world that I would have not had the opportunity to go to without cruising.  Flying and staying at each of the places that I have been would be difficult.  But I also thought I would share with you’re the not so nice things about cruising.  This post was brought on by a post from another traveler.  While all of her travels seemed amazing to me, she posted about the bad things about travel.

I have to admit I love to cruise, especially with my husband.  But here are the things that I have complained about at one point or another.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cruise.  But I thought I would share some of the downs because you see a lot of the ups in the beautiful pictures that I have had the opportunity to be apart of all because of cruising.

1. Sea Sickness

I get motion sick often: Sea, air, and car.  But I think the trips are still worth it.  I have tried the many different remedies: Ginger, wrist bands, and Dramamine.  Well the Dramamine does work because it just makes me sleepy.  My husband is very understanding about my sickness.  The days when the seas get high we just make sure we are in the right part of the ship for me.  Sometimes we miss out on some good food (like lobster night).  But the sea sickness is only a small part of our vacation.

2. Time at Each Port

Have I ever told you I sent to Spain?  I was there for 2 hours.  While you travel to many places on a cruise, the time in each place is short.  You may not to get to see all the things you want.  Sometimes the ship is only in port a certain time of the day.  For example Key West does not have any ships in port during sunset.  So when I want to Key West one of the times we only were there for the night life.  This worked out for us as we went as a big group of 20 something friends.  But if we wanted to go to the beach at Key West we would have missed the key times.

3. Bad Weather

Just like any other vacation there is bad weather.  On our last cruise on the first day it rained most of the day.  Everyone was inside.  We were hoping to get some sun that day but it did not work out.   A family member went on a cruise where every day the weather had rain.

4. Class System

Almost everything is done for you on a cruise: food, rooms, room service, entertainment, drinks, the list goes on.  The people working on the ship are away from their families at the expense of others vacations.  While they are getting paid and many of them enjoy their job, I hope my  joy is not coming at others expense.

5. Boring Days at Sea

Sometimes getting to an island may take days.  During this time there is free and pay for entertainment.  But sometimes there is nothing that is interesting for different age groups with different interests.  This “wasted” vacation time could be used to do something more productive.  While the ship is big, you can only walk around so many times before you have seen it all.