Raw Vegan for 4 days!

DSC00418For a long time I have followed Christina at Fully Raw.  I am not a dieter, but I thought I would try this because I LOVE fruit and vegetables.  The main reason I don’t eat just fruit and vegetables is the price, the amount of time it takes to actually eat all the food, and the traditions of eating other foods.

So I went to produce junction where they had fruit and vegetables even in the winter at a good price.  My husband was working so I thought it would be a great time to get started.

But I did learn some things in the 4 days that I want to share.  I learned I really do love fruit and vegetables.  But I do love heated vegetables.  I did feel good but had trouble eating enough calories without feeling really full.  My skin became very sensitive in a good way at the end of day 4.  My poo did not stay solid at day 4 but quickly returned.  This was probably because I ate more fruit than vegetables.  I learned that I like figs and that I will try them in more things.  I also learned that one container of figs at Weis is $7!  But they are a great sweetener in smoothies.

I will definitely add more fruit and vegetables in my normal diet because of these days.  I also know I need to eat much larger quantities of these things to make it a meal.  For example a meal of bananas is 8-10 bananas to get 800 calories.

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