A new math Harvard/MIT learning aid, Yamie Chess to help kids out with math homework difficulties

YC_1For many elementary and middle schoolers, math is a phobia at par with the fear of spider, elevators and heights.

When kids enter 2nd grade, they need to have good grasp of the building blocks of math, including basic addition skills, beginning subtraction concepts and the relationship between number values. Moving on to 3rd grade math means learning more difficult concepts in all of these areas, mastering new skills and laying the foundation for math taught in higher grades.

Yamie Chess (https://www.yamiechess.com), a new math aid made by U.S. math educators has been endorsed by Harvard and MIT math PhDs for exactly this, erasing all fears of math and making kids realize that math is not difficult with a new approach through a fun and engaging cartoon world, called The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels.

A fair challenge for many grade math teachers is how to keep first and second graders focused on the large volume of math concepts presented throughout the school year.

Large class sizes don’t help. There is much more on this in the Yamie Chess K-8 teachers’ guide here: https://www.yamiechess.com/teachers-guide

No matter what level of academic ability a child is at, Yamie Chess offers a qualified, fresh approach designed by math educators from MIT, Caltech and Stanford, to help with the mastery of these key math skills with an interactive approach based on classic chess.

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