50 Things to Know Before Going to Walt Disney World With Children

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As a blogger sometimes many opportunities come up that I apply for.  I apply for many things during the day.  Sometimes they don’t work out but sometimes they do.  For example, I with on CNN’s HLN last year with my friend Sarah.  A fun surprise call from a Producer turned into a fun day with a friend that was filmed for national tv.

Recently I was selected to have a show your Disney side party.   Well today a large purple suitcase came in the mail with many Disney things that I will soon share at my celebration of fifty 50 Things to Know books that are available on Amazon that with be on February 5th at Avenue 209 Coffeehouse.

This party will go great with one of our new books from an author of many great 50 Things to Know books Amanda Walton.

50 Things to Know Before Traveling with Kids to Walt Disney World is a great book to read before making the trip so you have many tips and tricks for your trip.

I hope to bring my little one to Disney some day.  I will definitely read this book before I go.  Do you have any Disney tips with kids?

Check out the great stuff we got for our Disney celebration, but don’t look to hard because I want to see you at our 50 Things to Know books celebration.

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Check out the introduction of the book here but find more tips in the book below:

Walt Disney World is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with more than 14 million visitors each year visiting the park.  Located in Orlando, Florida the park is visited by families and individuals from around the globe.  It is known for its magical splendor and for family experiences that cannot be recreated anywhere in the world.

Even though Walt Disney World is the most visited family vacation spot it is not uncommon to hear families discuss issues that they have faced while visiting the park.  There are those families who have even had negative experiences while traveling with their children.  The best thing to do before going on this vacation is to know what to expect and to prepare ahead of time for your children.

With the right tips you will be able to have the magical experience that you have dreamed of.  You will enjoy the trip with your children and will be able to fully understand what to expect before you get to the park.  Once there you will be able to enjoy all of the activities and make the most of the magical memories that your children can enjoy.

Read the 50 Things to Know Before Going to Walt Disney World With Children book here.