Victoria Jackson Foundation Duo Review

IMG_3192 I tried out this new foundation this week.  I am a bare minerals fan. I have been using the powder for probably 5 years after switching from Clinique.  So going back to a liquid had a little bit of weight to it. But I thought the coverage was great.  I did a little shading with the two colors also.  Shading is new to me but I will continue to try to know where to put light and dark colors to contour.

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I like the packaging of this product.  The mirror is nice when you don’t have access to a larger mirror.  I also used this mirror the other day to check out the back or my hair.

The foundation comes with a pad to smooth the color on and together the fits nicely under the different colors of foundation.  I will definitely continue to use this foundation throughout the winter.






From BrandBacker with a free sample but all opinions are my own.