Things Change

CAM02068Two weeks ago this was the plan:  Pregnant and having a baby in June.  Getting a new addition for the house in January.  Since my husband has an apartment with his job we will stay there during the addition.  My husband having the same job for almost 10 years.

Now I have had a miscarriage and my husband got a new job without an apartment.  So now there are many things that have changed without a baby on the way.  We still are getting the addition in hope of another baby.  But when we get the addition we will need to stay at our house because we don’t have the extra apartment.

What has not changed is having my daughters 2nd birthday and leaving for a cruise in the beginning of next year.

So the week after the miscarriage, we had to move all the stuff from the apartment into our house.  And the addition has not been built yet.  So now we are living in piles of stuff as we donate and sort it.

I guess I am telling this story because things change. I did not finally make it to my second trimester and just plan for Christmas and a cruise. I am getting my body back to normal. I am organizing and moving forward.

Guess what.  I am doing just fine.  More than fine.  I had an amazing day with my family today getting things ready for the future.  Shopping, cleaning, cooking, and organizing.  Even getting to write a blog post about my day :).