Who Loves Bill Cosby?!

4009030027_c402e46363I have never seen Bill Cosby in person.  But I love to watch him on TV.  Well if he is not coming to your ton you can catch him on tv.  On November 23, Bill Cosby’s first television concert special in 30 years, FAR FROM FINISHED, debuts on Comedy Central.  I did not realize he has not been on comedy Central for 30 years!  Almost before I was born!

To celebrate this digitally, Mr. Cosby is asking his fans to lend their laughter in his #LaughterIsUniversal game: http://BillCosby.com/FarFromFinished

Did you like to watch Bill Cosby on the Bill Cosby show?  I did.  I use to watch in the afternoon in the summer as a child.  I caught some of the Fat Albert shows too that ere produced by Bill Cosby.

It is said and I would agree that “His comedy transcends ages, genders and cultures”.

For more information on Far From Finished, and to lend your voice to Bill Cosby’s Universal Laugh Track please visit: http://BillCosby.com/FarFromFinished

I can’t wait to hear these new jokes and possibly some of the old ones again.  What is your favorite Cosby joke and show?  What is your favorite part about the comedian?

I love to listen to comedy when I am sick to keep my spirits up.  This would be a great television show to catch when I am not feeling well.

Check out some of his video clips here:  http://billcosby.com/videos/.  Do you follow Bill on any social media?  You can even go to his website and listen to people laugh around the world.  It is actually pretty funny.  What is your favorite Bill Cosby joke?

So if you missed it I am sure you will catch it again on Comedy Central or you can buy someone the CD/DVD/Blue Ray for Christmas.  I love to listen to comedy on a long drive with friends and family in the car.