Hello Santa App Review

CaptureIf you have an iphone and a child, this app may be for you.  The service is available starting today, and will be live all holiday season! It’s called Hello Santa, and this year people around the world will be able to have real-time videos calls with Santa Claus from their webcams or iOS devices.

Next week we are going to bring out little girl to see Santa.  We expect her to be pretty shy.  Possibly using this app before bringing her would allow us to get a better picture with Santa.

Using this App your children can talk directly to Santa. They can tell them what they want for Christmas, tell them how good they have been, and even hear a story directly from Santa.

Are you interested in trying this new App with your child?  Please use the promo code “JOLLY” for $5 off your first call with Santa. I love helping people save money especially around the holidays.  This may be a good small gift for someone who does not know what to get a child for the holidays.  For example an Aunt could buy this for a niece.

When I was a child I could only see Santa at the mall for a short period of time. As a parent you can dress up as Santa but then you need to rent the costume.  This is another easy alternative to enjoy Christmas time.

Users can either schedule a call for a specific date/time, or tap the ‘Call Santa Now’ button to start a live video call with Santa instantly. Once the call is over, you can share your special moment with friends and family on Facebook & Twitter, or over email and SMS.  I know my Mom and Mother in Law would love to watch that video.