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Charlie the Cavalier and 50 Things to Know 2013 Recap

What a great year for my two companies.  I have been having fun growing these two brands as I am a stay at home Mom.  I would like to show you where I am spending and making money.  Until this year I did not spend ANYTHING on the two businesses.  But as they both grew I realized (As well as my husband) that I need to start reinvesting back into the two companies.  Yes, I do realize I spelled websites wrong…Capture2

This year I mostly concentrated on 50 Things to Know Books.  I realize the more money I put in the more I am getting out.  The other areas I have spend time but have not been making the same profit.  After seeing this chart I may spend more money on Amazon Associates next year.

What is not seen is the free products I have been receiving for reviews.  I have been getting products from this that I enjoy using.  I think is curbs my buying random stuff that I don’t need habit but can not be officially charted on the business.



I have made many of my goals to get on local tv, national tv, and radio.  I did not get to my goal revenues a month.  But I will admit, I am making enough to live in a hobbit hole like this guy.

The goals in 2014 are:

  • To have 50 50 Things to Know Books
  • To give back to education with the profit from 50 Things to Know Books
  • To create more content to help others live a better life

That is really it.  Pretty simple.  If you would like to help me achieve these goals let me know.  I would love your feedback on this post.