We are Getting a 2 Story Addition

Capture Our addition is starting to get a little more real with drawlings. After getting approved by the local city we are ready to get started next month.

We really like the location of our house.  The house is close to my husbands work. We like the neighborhood and the location next to an empty wooded lot.

We also like how simple our house is.  I have done many house projects to get our house to where we like it.  The heating and cooling bill is great.

The reason for the addition is having another child.  We wanted each of our children to have their own bedroom.  All we needed was a small office for my husband and his computer geek stuff :).  But then we decided on a little more.  We already had the money and the decision seemed right.  We have been thrifty in the car area so we had some more money to add to our house for some extra space. We decided to go with Bitner and SIPs.


We decided to make our living room and bedroom larger, as well as add a master bedroom walk in closet.  Right now these things in our house is great for two people but for a family of four a little extra room is probably a good thing.  Also, for entertaining our living room is smaller.  We like to entertain, and we wanted more room for our guests and our growing group or active children.  Also, the closet space is only enough for one person in our bed room currently.

Enjoy the drawlings because soon the will be a reality.  A place for us to live and hopefully not store too much stuff.  The buildings will be constructed of SIPs (Structured Insulated Panels).  This will let us build nicely on a hill but will also give us a cathedral ceiling in our bedroom.  The plan is for the building to be built in about 2 weeks.

After the building is complete we will be adding flooring, and painting ourselves.  We already have half the room complete so we will just be using the same flooring and paint color.






IMG_4202 IMG_4203The SIPs panels have been delivered.