Dollar Store and Walmart Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

IMG_3526 We are getting ready for Christmas!  Since we have a toddler that has a birthday near Christmas, I decided to go to the dollar store so get some thing she can open and play with on Christmas morning. She also has grandparents and aunts to buy her other things.

Some of these things were also found at Walmart after Easter.  I don’t think she will mind that her paddles have a bunny on them.

I found some Disney princesses.  I hope to put an eye hook in them next year when she is bored on them and hang them on the Christmas tree for her next year. I found flubber, hungry hippos, a paddle ball,flash cards, a doll to do her hair, a sqishy rabbit,and a ribbon to dance with.  I know these presents will take a while to unrap and she will probably play most of the day.  All these things were only $15! $16 including the wrapping paper I also bought at the dollar store.  I can’t wait until Christmas morning!