My Doll House – Kids Games Review


Being a Mom of a toddler with a tablet I am always looking for free games for her to try.  I grew up playing a doll house game on my commodore 64.  You got go decorate different rooms of a house.

Doll House is a similar game.  You get to decorate different rooms of the house with a large selection of materials that are sorted by room.  The colors are bright in this game.  My toddler liked clicking on the different things but she is currently too young for the game.  As we moved the objects around we said the same out of object out loud together.  For example lamp and couch. When we put in the oven she said “hot” and was excited that the door opened.  She cheered “yeh” when things moved around.

I think this is a great game for guys and girls to play.  A doll house is a fun way to learn how to decorate, earning money, and learning how to moves things around on a tablet.


You can even share your finished product on facebook or google plus.  I could not do that on my Commodore 64 game! I guess you can do this is you allow your children to have these accounts.

You should definitely download this free app for when you want your kids to try something new.


xAbout developer:

My name is Darek Kleczek, I live in Warsaw, Poland with my wife. I have an education as a programmer, but I also write children books and I had this idea that it would be actually cool to make an app for kids. I loved making it and I love to see how children react to it with smiles.


This is a paid review but all opinions are my own.