My First Pregnancy

320179_2192482570314_387812774_nWhile I have written many posts on pregnancy and child birth, I have not shared my own story.  My first pregnancy started after 9 months of trying. After month 8 I went to the gynecologist to make sure everything was ok. I had an ultrasound.  Just one month after that, when we had the doctors appointment to hear the results we had better news. I was pregnant.  The Dr. said everything looks good for you to be pregnant and my husband and I said we knew because I was.

The same time we told friends and family the news the nausea started.  I was working at the time with an hour commute every day.  I loved my job.  But being tired, nauseous, and working with a long commute was difficult.  I came home most nights and went right to bed.  I felt very blessed to be pregnant but did not realize it would be that hard.  I was tired, stress, nauseous, and nervous.

We got to tell our families in person at Easter that I was pregnant. The due date was December 28th.  My husband and I did not like the birthday so close to Christmas but after trying for so long we would take any birthday.

Months finally passed with sickness but I started to feel better. I got to go to a friends wedding in Vegas.  I had an amazing baby shower with many friends, family, and gifts.  I wish I could enjoy the shower more as I was well tired, nauseous, and pregnant.  In the beginning I started to loose weight from the sickness.  But by the end I gained about 30 pounds.

The night before my due date my water broke the night before.  If you are wondering it was more like a trickle down my leg each time I walked.  I was not sure if my water really broke or if it was something else. I did not feel any contractions and was not even sure what they felt like at that point.  So I went to bed and woke up in the morning.

In the morning I was not sure what to do.  I called the doctor.  They told me to come in and verified that my water did break. They said that I need to have the baby within 24 hours of my water breaking.  So we knew we would have a baby that day!

So my husband and I went an hour an a half to our planned hospital.  The ride was not bad because I was not having contractions.  We were so scared the time went pretty quickly.  They started me on patocin around 2 pm to get things moving because I still was not having contractions.  I started contracting and feeling pain.  My husband was really helpful to just help me breath though them.  I really did start to visualize scenes from the woods.  Very peaceful and helped me get though breathing. Also I got to go on my bachelorette party to Miami beach.  One morning the girls woke up to see the sun rise. I started to visualize the peacefulness of that morning too.  But visualizing was not cutting it.  I have never felt pain like that in my life before and I knew there was a way out.

They gave me pain medicine before the epidural in the IV.  They said it would make me feel like I drank a 6 pack of beer and passed out.  Now I am not a beer drinker but I have been drunk before and I agree that is what it felt like.  I did not like it because the room was spinning and I was really tired.  But the pain went to a lower level and that was beautiful.  At this point it still hurt and I knew I wanted more.

Around 6 pm I started an epidural. They inserted the first one and it did not work.  They did not believe me at first but after putting an ice bag on my legs and I felt the cold they realized I was not lying.  I sang my ABCs over and over to just relax and not think about what was actually happening. After the second one worked I could not feel anything from the hips down.  I was ok with that.  I was about 9 hours in at this point.  With the help of a very nice nurse and an hour of pushing later our little girl arrived on her due date at around almost midnight.

I got to hold her right away.  She did not cry at all. She just was in my arms. Average weight and a tall baby which is funny for me as I am only 5 foot.  They tricked my husband into cutting the cord by not giving him a choice.  We were tired, happy,and blessed.  My parents happened to get to the hospital only minutes after the birth.

The rest of the night was tiring.  We decided to keep the baby in the nursery because we were soo tired.  They told me I had to go the bathroom that night.  That was an interesting experience.  The next night my husband got rest at home and I tried to walk around for the first time. Just getting to the bathroom was difficult.  While I felt like the work was done my body still had work to do to get back to normal.

We only had close family visit which was nice because I was recovering.  I am not sure how much weight I lost but my husband lost 5 pounds in the 2 days from not eating much and nerves.  We were so blessed to have many first parenting experiences.  We had many ups and down but we are very lucky to have a healthy baby girl.