5 Most Essential Items For Baby Safety

554129_3556432709299_2116172418_nFor all babies and small children, the whole world is like a big playground. They are highly curious and they like to look with their hands and play with everything they can find. While this is perfectly normal and natural, it also means that they can get themselves into trouble pretty easily. If you’re having a new baby, read this guide to know the 5 most important things you need to buy to ensure your home is a safe place for him/her.

1.     Corner covers

Babies like to explore and as a result they often bump into things. This is a simple device that wraps around sharp corners on your furniture so if the baby hits his/her head (which they will) they won’t be hurt badly. Put these on coffee tables, tables, shelves, benches and anything else with sharp corners.

2. Outlet Covers

Many babies are curious about these holes and have been known to find small objects that can be jammed into them, such as forks. This is obviously unsafe and can result in your baby being electrocuted. You can buy little covers for all your electricity outlets that simply slide over the holes so babies cannot try to insert things into them. They easily slide back in place when you want to use them.

3. Magnetic cabinet and drawer latches

Babies enjoy opening everything they can find and playing with whatever they find inside. Think about all the chemicals and sharp or fragile objects that you keep shut in your cupboards.

These small magnetic devices that lock cupboards and drawers are essential to stop your baby getting into cupboards that contain items that are unsafe for them. You can get latches that stick on without being drilled so they will not leave permanent marks. That way you can baby proof your home even if you are renting or planning to move out some day. Put them in the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Baby gates

This is a simple way to keep babies from wandering off. They can be placed before stairs, in front of certain rooms or down the hallway. They are the best and easiest way to keep a baby from being able to enter a certain area that you may prefer to just shut off completely. This is especially important if you live in a high set home to keep them off stairs. Plus, they are easy to set up and take down so you can move them around when you need to.

5. Baby monitor

Baby monitors are made so you can hear and/or see your baby when you cannot be in the same room. They are especially essential if your baby has any breathing problems because they can alert you if there are any long gaps in between breaths.

Bringing home a new baby can be scary but if you have these products on hand then your baby cannot get into any serious trouble the minute you look away.

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