Three Free Twinings Tea Samples

Three Free Twinings Tea Samples If you know me you know I love to drink tea.  My Mom drinks tea often.  But when I went to study abroad in England I started to drink tea daily.

I know there are many different kinds of tea to choose from but I like black tea.  Lucky for me Twinings has many types of black tea.  After I ordered these samples they took about a week to arrive in the mail. You can even choose the flavors you like out of a very large selection.

You can get your 3 free packs at Twinings Pantry and they will send them in the mail to your house.  Usually I just drink generic store tea or dollar store tea so these tea bags are a treat.  They definitely have a different taste.

What is your favorite tea?  Do you drink tea hot or cold?  Do you have a favorite brand?

This is not an Ad, I just love tea and free stuff!