The Treehouse and Summerhouse Company

This post is a sponsored post from the Treehouse and Summerhouse company.  Our little girl is getting big enough for a tree house.  I would LOVE one that was big enough for her and us!  I would not mind a little outdoor office with the wireless internet.  What a great idea!
treehouseI am really quite saddened that the summer has started to come to an end.  We have had the most fabulous time this year and we really don’t want it to end.  Thanks to the help of the Treehouse and Summerhouse company.

We made a decision last winter, after we had moved to our first home with a large garden and lots of trees, to make the most of it and have a tree house built. But not any ordinary treehouse just for the children, this one was built for us as a family to spend our time in together.

The Treehouse & Summerhouse company were so helpful after our initial enquiry and a visit from them, we worked together to design our new home from home which was a thoroughly exciting experience. It was reassuring to know that, even though we had helped to design it, it would be built to conform with all health and safety measures.

You’ll see from the photo that there are 2 connected treehouses; one is for the adults and the other for the kids. This family treehouse has worked brilliantly and given us so much time together and so many fab experiences this summer, including garden camp-outs as well as a girly cocktail party for me and my friends.

As with our house renovations we were very aware of being as environmentally friendly as possible so it was fabulous to find out that they also conform to a strict approach, and all of their bespoke treehouse designs are constructed from wood that has been farmed from sustainable sources. Which means there is no negative impact on the environment, making it a total win-win for us.

So as this time of fabulous treetop parties, garden BBQ’s and treehouse sleepovers draws to an end, we cannot wait until the small signs of spring start to emerge once again and we can have more family adventures in our treetop haven.