Outside Renovations Recap

While we have finished many inside house projects since we bought our house abut 3 years ago, we did not to too much to the outside. One of the project this summer to the outside is painting the shed.

Rubber Tree RingIMG_2438


I decided to go with a rubber mulch tree ring around the free in the front of our house. We have lived in this house for three years.  Each year I buy more much to put around the tree. For $15 a Lowes, I hope this ring lasts for at least 10 years ($1.50 a year).  That sounds better than buying and spreading much each year.   I did decide to take out some of the dirt and old mulch under the ring to lower the ring to the ground.  This should make mowing easier too.



This shed is about 14 years old.  While structurally the shed is great, the outside needed some work.  We did add a chalk board for our little girl but it needed some more work.  You can even see our old solar power light that broke in the last hail storm. The light worked great until it broke.

Back to Lowes I go.  I decided on a color and just bought a stain pad.  I use a knife to open the can.  I went with a solid color because of the age of the wood.  I did not want to strip the paint before I stared.  I went with Olympic Moonrock Stain.

I just started to paint the entire shed.  The entire job took a couple naps while my little girl was sleeping. The stain pad worked great.  I would recommend the extra purchase.  Another tips is to use old boxes to catch the stain.

Flat black high performance enamal to do do all the black on the shed.  I did not want to accent anything else except the black hindges and the light.

We already had the tape from another project (Adding a granite counter top and new back splash).  While my little one was playing outside, I taped around the areas that I wanted to paint.

I am very happy with the finished product.  My husband and I wish we did this a long time ago.  Maybe we will add a new roof next!  If I got to choose it would be gray or black.  Not to enjoy the outside and start some other projects.

Fall Decorations


Fall is coming!  I added some color this year to the front of my house with some things I had from my Mom (she is a crafter) and some deals (Mums on sale for $1 each).  Cost of this years fall decor  $4.

  • Mums
  • Fall Wreath
  • Pine Cones
  • Wood Pumpkin
  • Cat Pumpkin

Sand Box

Ana White Sand Box

Another Ana White Project. I gave this one to my Dad to do.  Of course he made some changes.  But she loves her sand box and we love it too!  Thought I would share some pictures of the construction after he brought the parts to our house.  400 pounds of sand later.

Chalk Board on Side of Shed


My parents surprised me with this great chalk board when they brought the sand box for our little girl.  I admit I did see this on pinterest first but my parents made some changes.  They found shipping crate pieces on Craigs List the chalk board.  They then painted the wood with chalk board paint.  (I did see online that you can try this with unsanded grout but they did not).  They then finished the sides with tabaco lath painted brown. We attached it to the shed with 4 screws at the top and 2 at the bottom.

We found the chalk container at Ikea (in the kitchen section that even came with holes), the eraser at the dollar tree, and chalk from Walmart.  She loves this board.  The rain cleans off the board.

Fire Ring


Of course this is my favorite back yard project because I got to put it together with my friend Sarah from The Clerical Error, but also because the project was filmed for CNN’s HLN.  So much fun!  For only $75 and a little heavy lifting this was the most fun project.  You can find more about this here.

Outdoor Curtains


After doing some research and pinning I made these outdoor curtains from canvas drop cloths.  I purchased 3 C hooks ($3), a 10 foot conduit pipe ($3), curtain hooks ($5) and 3 panels of “curtains” aka canvas drop cloths ($13 each).  I folded the  top of the drop cloth but they are already hemmed on all 4 sides.  For $40 this is a great privacy wall on our porch.  With my husbands help we put it up in 10 minutes.The gourds were grown at my in-laws house and picked by my daughter.