How to Sort Digital Pictures of Your Kids

1265717_10201058935974285_918092680_oMy little one is almost 2 now. I know I am being dramatic she still has 3 wonderful months until then.  While I love taking pictures and putting them on facebook for friends and family to see that is where my digital picture sorting has stopped.

Now that I am mostly done with Doctoral classes (Don’t worry I still have my dissertation to complete) I thought it was time to start sorting.

After asking on facebook what friends and family thought I landed on Flicker.  The reasons being:

  • One terabyte of storage
  • Multiple Folders
  • Multiple Tagging

There are some thing I am not sure of yet but I am learning as I am upload.  So how many pictures did I take over the past 2 years?  About 7,000!  Yeah about 10 a day.

The Sort Has Begone

I started by putting the pictures in folders by year.  Then I took all the pictures and tried to sort them into folders that fit one of the descriptions.  Such as Christmas, park, and friends.  I even have a Charlie The Cavalier and blogging folder.  Just so you know you can only upload 200 pictures at a time to flicker.  So making each folder 200 or less is helpful for the next step.

Then the upload began. After signing into flicker I started uploading each folder one at a time.  During the upload you can change the names of the pictures that are better than the random numbers that are assigned to the pictures I have now. You can also add pictures to many folders and tag them.

After uploading all 7,000 I then did some more sorting and tagging. Now I can can watch slide shows and share the photos.


I also should mention my husband loves to have digital redundant copies of EVERYTHING.  I call him a digital pack rack with is better than a hoarder.

In the future when I take pictures I hope to folder then right away to make this process simpler.

Canvas Print


Here is a canvas print that we did with Easy Canvas Prints. The pictures is hanging at my parents house on a plate rack.  Easy Canvas Prints were easy to do.  All do did was take you picture and go though the simple steps.  They ship the product right to the door.  I live 3 hours from my parents so I had this shipped right to their house.

How do you sort your pictures?  What pictures do you print?


The Easy Canvas Print is a sponsored part of this post. All opinions are my own.