Guest Post- Choosing The Right Winter Clothing For Your Kids

CaptureWinter can be a great time for kids. With fun-filled moments jumping around in mud puddles and cavorting about in rain showers, it really pays to make sure your children stay well-dressed in warm, waterproof clothing this coming season.
Dressing Your Kids For Winter

Constructed in different styles, fleece is a lightweight, practical fabric that can keep your child snug and cozy in whatever hoodie or sweater they wish to wear. Long woolen socks and gloves or mittens never go amiss in winter, and for those exceptionally chilly days, it’s simple enough to add a knitted hat or scarf.

While puffer jackets and raincoats provide excellent outerwear, it is worth ensuring light, comfortable garments are worn in layers underneath. To keep your children warm and dry, you can choose to dress them in 100-percent cotton shirts and soft merino thermals.

Snow boots will also be essential if you live in an area where there is regular snowfall. Leaving the landscape white and pristine, every kid likes to get outside to build snowmen and tease siblings with powdery snow fights. So making sure they have the right winter footwear is all-important.

Fun Raincoats For Kids

When the grey clouds roll in, it’s always good for your child to have a raincoat on hand whenever they need one. Pulled over a zip neck fleece, your kid will be all set to venture outdoors – whether they’re on their way to school, off visiting friends or joining you for a walk to the local shop.

For a website selling children’s raincoats, Dolly Rose is cute and adorable with its range of high quality stock. Whether you are searching for wet weather gear for your son or young daughter, or perhaps even both, there are a number of brightly coloured raincoats in fun, exciting designs to choose from. You can also co-ordinate a raincoat with a spaceship, dinosaur, train, flower or animal-patterned umbrella.

Wherever you are in the UK, experience the freedom of online shopping, and allow your children more time outdoors with a raincoat and matching wellies from Dolly Rose. They’ll love you for it and get to enjoy the fall of fresh raindrops without getting soaked!

This is a guest post.