No Sew Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains


After doing some research and pinning I made these outdoor curtains from canvas drop cloths.  I purchased 3 C hooks ($3), a 10 foot conduit pipe ($3), curtian hooks ($5) and 3 panels of “curtains” aka canvas drop coths ($13 each).  I folded the  top of the drop cloth but they are already hemmed on all 4 sides.

For $40 this is a great privacy wall on our porch.  With my husbands help we put it up in 10 minutes.

The gourds were grown at my in-laws house and picked by my daughter :).




We store our outside toys in an old mail cart which now happens to match the curtains.




Seating area on the other side of the porch.



Charlie checking out what is happening outside.


Update: Last year I added drop cloth curtains to the porch.  They only lasted one year in the weather.  They molded and I tried to wash them and they fell apart.  Just so you are aware if you want to do a similar project.  I really did enjoy them for the year they were up.