Who is Charlie The Cavalier?

1376546_591741917550909_1684474910_nSince I have not went over this in a while Charlie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. From what I have learned these dogs are not around for much.  Mostly warmth, warming the kids feet at night (which Charlie The Cavalier loves to do), and historically to keep fleas off the owners and on the dogs.

Why a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

I fell in love with this breed of dogs when one of my childhood friends Aunt had two of them.  My friend was babysitting and I fell in love.  I did not fall in love with the price.  But I was lucky enough to receive on special cavalier from a present from my friend.

Dog in a Residence Hall

When we first got Charlie the Cavalier we lived in an apartment.  I say apartment but he actually started living in an residence hall on the Lock Haven University campus because of my husbands job.  This worked for Charlie if we took him for walks.  But now we have a house.  He loves to look out the big windows, bark with the neighborhood dogs.

Here is one of our favorite videos of Charlie The Cavalier being a puppy.

Dogs and Babies

I have done many post about our little girl but not about our other family member Charlie The Cavalier.  Charlie has appeared in many pictures over the past 2 years.  He has been there though all the sad and happy moments with our little girl.  He has to listen to the crying and wait until he to be taken out until she is taken care of.  I have to admit  the story is like the Lady and the Tramp.  On a lazy Saturday morning I got to watch the movie with my little girl and Charlie The Cavalier.  So much fun.

We need to keep Charlie downstairs at night because he is tries to wake up the little on in the morning.  He will sit outside her door and wag his tail to hit the door.  He will also burp and make licking noises with his tongue.  We use our baby gate that you can with through for the baby and Charlie.

I have to admit Charlie The Cavalier is getting more pushy as he gets older.  He barks for attention.  He burps for attention.  He is not perfect but we are working on some of the things.  I have never hit Charlie The Cavalier.  We use positive reinforcement for most training.  We have never used a shock collar either.


Charlie The Cavalier Has an Itch

This week we brought Charlie to the doctor for being itchy.  Apparently he has dry skin.  The doctor recommended fish oil for the itching.  If that did not work we would move to dog steroids.  We picked that up quickly at the dollar store in town.  A great deal at $30 for dollar.  We have been pouring it over his food and he is actually eating it.   Lucky for us because the doctor said another option would be to push it down his throat which does not seem fun to me.

Taking Charlie The Cavalier to the Bathroom

Since we don’t have a fence but we own our yard we have been letting Charlie go the bathroom on a chain.  We anchor the chain into the ground.  We have the chain at the door and when we wants to go out we just hoot the chain to the collar at the door.  This makes the process simpler when we have a little one in the house. We don’t have time to walk him every time he needs to go to the bathroom.  He actually only goes 3x a day now.  Morning, afternoon, and night.

When charlie was young we taught him to go out by touching a bell to his nose.  We had an extra bell from Christmas.  He did like to chew on the bell occasionally.  Here is a similar dog bell device.  But now when Charlie the Cavalier wants to go outside he just barks.

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Feeding Charlie The Cavalier

We feed Charlie in the morning.  We measure out a cup and a half with a scoop of Purina dog chow.  We have been told by the vet to try more expensive dog food.  But my parents had two dogs that lived over 15 years in my life-time that they fed regular dog food.  As I said we are adding fish oil  over the food for itching.  We feed him in metal bowls because they are easy to clean.  We have the bowl on a tray (check out the post here) so we can pit the tray up easily if our little girl wants to go in for a snack.  Sometimes she tries when we are not looking.  Or just to dump the water in the food to see what happens.  A great science experiment for a little one but after doing that three times in one day the trick gets old for me!

I really want to get these spaniel bowls for Christmas.  They are on the wishlist already.  They have tapered sides so Charlie The Cavalier’s ears do not get wet when he eats.  I love the long ears and tail but we also need to take care of them too.  I would recommend these bowls for any spaniel.  I even like that the bowl below is high so they don’t need to bend down.  Also you can wash the stainless steel bowl.

Charlie The Cavaliers Tricks

Charlie The Cavalier is about 4 years old but can still do all of his tricks.  The routine goes like this.  He can do all the tricks in a row with just hand gestures which is pretty neat.  Sit, down, roll over, bed, high five, speak, heal, and then which hand.  I loved to teach him when he was younger.  Do you have any other ticks that you teach your dog?

Here is the video of Charlie The Cavalier doing his tricks

Here is a great guest post that we are lucky to have about what to do with new babies and pets.  Someone emailed me on this topic before they had a baby.  I told them that we were really lucky that Charlie The Cavalier just stayed back and sniffed.  He was great until she was about 1 1/2.  Now he is barking for attention and stealing food from her hands.  I guess the situation could be worse.  This bad behavior may be from the itching.  I will keep you all updated.

Charlie The Cavalier Dog Toys

Charlie The Cavalier is 4 now (that is 28 in dogs year).  So he is more than a teenager. Lets just say he is at mid life crisis stage. He loves raw hide to chew.  But he will take a treat any chance he can take.  I like to give him the real tiny milk bone type dog treats because I don’t need to break them and don’t feel bad about giving them to him.

Collar and Leash

Since Charlie the Cavalier is older we have been through a few collars and leashes.  Our favorite collar is from a friend Chesie to watched Charlie The Cavalier while we were on vacation.  The collar has a large metal loop that makes it extra easy to put the dog on the chain even when you have something in your hand such as a coffee or a baby.

Charlie The Cavalier also has a great leather leash.  The leash takes a while to break in but I love how soft the feel is now.  We do need to put him in a harness when we walk him.  Otherwise he pulls with his neck.  A medium dog harness works great.

I have to admit, we don’t walk Charlie enough.  He would be walked at least 2 times a week.  But getting the baby and the dog together is difficult.  I should go for a walk with them more often it is great exercise.  I even wrote that in this post 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby.  But I admit to not practicing what I preach.  Sorry.  This is a goal of mine that I will be working on in the future.

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There are other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel blogs out there.  Charlie The Cavalier blog has been around for over 4 years.  When we started we were friends with some other blogs that are still around including Two Little Cavaliers, Momo & Pinto, and the breathtaking beautifully groomed Embee Cavaliers.    These are the cavalier that make me keep Charlie the Cavaliers ears long.

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