7 Reasons why Breastfeeding is Beneficial for Mom and Baby


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The decision to breastfeed your infant is a personal one, and you may have an assortment of opinions from family and friends on the subject. However, studies have shown that breastfeeding your infant can have a major impact on you and your child’s health and wellness. It can also promote a long-lasting bond and beautiful memories of your special time together after birth.

1. Right Amount of Infant Nutrition

Your baby needs a diet that is rich in nutrients to grow and develop. Formula can be suspect, especially with the variety of brands and supplements on the market today. Ensuring that your infant gets the right amount of protein, fat and vitamins is essential and can be easily obtained through your breast milk.

2. Antibodies

Antibodies are necessary for your infant, so they can fight illnesses and diseases as they develop and mature. Breast milk contains the proper amount of nourishment to help prevent bacteria and viruses. Infants who breastfeed also have fewer ailments as they grow such as ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory infections.

3. Higher IQ Rates

A child who has been loved, nurtured and given close physical contact through hugging and touch during nursing has been shown to have significantly higher IQ scores than infants who were bottle fed. The act of touching and physical contact through breastfeeding is imperative to bringing up a child who feels loved and secure.

4. Stress Reduction

Taking time to bond with your infant is important, and breast-feeding is a healthy way to connect with your child. You can make the process easier and less stressful with a nursing pillow. This handy gadget is designed to provide comfort and easy access to both the infant and mother. The pillow was created to offer the child better positioning, so they can find the nipple properly and get the support that keeps them comfortable through feeding. Mothers who use the nursing pillow also have a greater success rate in breast-feeding than those who don’t.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Baby bottles, warmers, nipples and formula can be costly. When you think about how much your infant will need to consume in the coming year, you could spend a substantial amount of money to keep them nourished and properly fed. Breast-feeding is cost-effective and doesn’t require additional supplies to ensure that your infant is receiving the necessary nutrients when they eat.

6. Saving of Time

Feeding your infant is easy and can save time when you breast-feed. Sterilizing the bottles, cleaning the nipples properly and stocking up on formula can be time consuming. When you eat properly, rest, and get the right amount of daily nutrients, your body will always be a safe and chemical-free resource for your child to get nourishment.

7. Reduced Risk of Diseases

Breastfeeding has been proven to aid in helping women lower their risk of diseases and illnesses such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.

Getting the opportunity to breastfeed your infant is one of the most rewarding experiences that you’ll have in your lifetime. It can also provide numerous physical and mental health benefits for both you and your child.

Lisa Coleman

photo by: limaoscarjuliet