Notes Taken From the Hershey Joyce Meyers Conference

999748_10200898457842432_1408641507_nShe talked about many things but I concentrated on Finding Purpose.

  • You can’t choose what happens to you but you can choose how you react to it.
  • Have faith in little things.  Only then will you be given bigger things that you can handle.
  • You give an account to God of only your life and no one else.
  • God has a plan, just not my plan or my timing.
  • People find their purpose at different ways at different times.
  • No complaining only rejoicing.
  • I know I have a purpose and talent.
  • I want to grow in the gifts that God had given me.

This section was on being content.

  • Contentment is being satisfied where I am at right now on the way to where I am going.
  • Getting to goals are probably going to be longer and harder journey than you think.  So make the decision to do it with God,with God in control, and the main job for us is to fellowship and trust in him.  He will make it happen so enjoy the day on the way.
  • Only I can focus on making me happy and I can do this by serving others.
  • The most spiritually mature person does the right thing first.
  • Get happy with where you are to get what you want.
  • You can be happy in any phase in your life.
  • Have a humble attitude and be happy for what you have.

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