My Newest Amazon Find: Hanging Fruit Basket



Here is my newest Amazon find. No not this amazing painting that I received as a birthday present from my friend from Baby Stybs.  A hanging fruit basket.  This beauty is only $8.37 with many great reviews including mine.

There are many reasons why I love this basket.  The first reason is the price.  Secondly, I don’t like having stuff on my new countertop.  The counter is much easier to clean without stuff on it that you need to move.  Also, it is great having fresh fruit out that the family can see to keep a healthy lifestyle.  You can see the fruit and it adds color to a kitchen. With Amazon Prime, I ordered this basket on Friday night and we got it on Saturday.

The only comment that I will make is that the basket only comes with S hooks and not nails/screw.  But we had them around the house so it was not an issue for me.