Fire Pit on National TV Update


I have been making a large amount of progress on the area where I will be building the fire pit.   First I have to move a large pile of brush and dirt that we had on this corner of the yard.  Doesn’t everyone have a place where they put their extra dirt?  Will this was ours.  Well no more.  We are going to use this extra land for good use.

After working in this area we realize we have a great view of the  Appalachian Mountains from this spot our our yard.

I am happy to tell you we got the clothes line down.  I will not put it on craigs list for scrap metal.  Below is a picture of something special I got in the mail today.  The producer gave it to me to film some shopping.  Now to level the land and do some shopping.  My little car can only hold so much weight so there will be a couple trips.

View the first post where I show area before I started the project and the Pinterest board I am storing my fire pit area ideas.




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