Fire Pit Project to be on National TV

Yes, you saw the title right!  I am going to be on tv with my friend Sarah from The Clerical Error (A great site with funny Mom stuff).  In the next couple weeks I will be prepping the area and the rest of our house for our DIY interview.  How Exciting!

Just the other day I was thinking I wanted to be on Design Star but I wanted to wait until out little girl was bigger. So this is as close as I am going to get.  I am really pumped! This follows a TV appearance on PA Live and a Radio Show on Radio 720 WGN to promote by 50 Things to Know Books including 50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life.


Here is my backyard is the place where this is going to happen.  We don’t use this side of the shed.  I had a garden that I keep neglecting, half of a clothes line that I did not take down, and this is where we put all the dirt/sticks that we don’t know what to do with.

So today after I got off the phone with the producer (I know sounds so official), I started to take out the garden (with the failed attempt at  watermelon), weed a little (national tv my friends), and get read to plant grass.


This is the current state of affairs.  So now some more leveling, grass planting, and trying to fire out what to do with the pile of weeds that might be on national tv.  Also if you did not notice I did not paint this side of the shed yet in my shed painting project.  Now you know all my secrets!  Don’t worry, I even called the local fire department which referred me to the police station to tell me that I can have a fire pit in the city of Lock Haven.  Just that the flame can not be more than 2 feet high.

So next I will try to have someone take the old cinder blocks and clothes line pole by putting them for free on craigs list and my local facebook free group.  Fingers crossed.  And more planning.  Check out some of the ideas that I have for the fire pit and other projects on my Home Decorating Pinterest Page.


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