Motherhood- Six Experiences Shared

420904_725434267258_1148621866_nI want to share with everyone some recent posts that friends have shared about being a mother.  I have been so blessed to have so many friends to share their feelings and thoughts on the subject.

My friend Carrie has recently shared her thoughts on trying to conceive a baby. Don’t worry, Carrie did have a beautiful and smart little girl who I enjoy spending time with every much. While this may be easy for some people, it is not for everyone.  Having our first child took about 10 months.  Believe me I think it is all in Gods time.

A new blogger friend Holly is going on a journey to have a child with her Wife.  This is quite a journey they are on together.  I wish them both health and happiness.

A friends from where I grew up/ my college town Stephanie learned that both her husband and her had health issues that contributed to their inability to conceive.  They are now on an adoption journey that you can read about and help fund.

Sadly, my friend a college roommate Diana and friend Sarah wrote about their miscarriages. (For the record, I really don’t like that word.)  I don’t fully understand why God does this to people, but I know that each life has a purpose.

I know there are many stories out there that are not being told too.  But I feel blessed to have amazing woman and Moms in my life who shares their stories with the world.   I even have a friend Jen that had to change the name of her blog as they added a new member to their family.

I thought these stories should be added together in one place for people on the journey to motherhood.  There is just a very tiny amount of all the parts of motherhood that these people have shared with me.  People get there different ways.  Usually not the way we plan in our head.

I love spending time with my friends children, even the ones I don’t get to meet.  Their stories, experience, and wisdom change my life.