Guest Post Tuesday- Top 3 Reasons Why Get “Lion Who Has Never Given Up” Book for Your Toddler

Guest Post Tuesday

This children’s book Lion Who Has Never Given Up is one of the most wonderfully written materials that could be given to your little one as a gift. Surprise him or her with this wonderful creation written by Eric Russell. Along with the acquisition of this digital book is a free video that a child could watch anytime of the day.

The most important feature of this book is its great content. As you know, not every children book carries sense and lesson. Some of the books are just written just to entertain the child. Some books only contain good illustration but the content has no impact.

This one is a little different from the usual materials because it creates impact to the readers. This book is complete because aside from stunning illustration and entertaining video, this also contains a life changing moral lesson that could help the child grow as a responsible individual.

This book will make the child realize a lot of things that he or she needs to undergo in order to become successful in the future. The story revolves around the lion cub named Leo. He has a small voice and he wanted to scare everyone by his yell. He used to play with his mother; he is trying to scare her. Her mother pretended to be scared with his small voice but other animals aren’t.

To his dismay, Leo came home crying because other animals are not scared with his voice. He also hated his voice because it’s too small for him. His mother came to the rescue and advised Leo to just wait. In order for him to get what he wanted, he needs to wait and strive for it. With inspiring words from her mother, Leo would practice every day to enhance his vocal ability. In the end, Leo was able to get what he wanted that is because he strived and worked hard for it.

In order to guide you, here are the top three reasons why you should choose this book for your toddler:

  1. Bond. Reading this with your little one will develop your bond together. Kids are usually playing around but when you call him or her for a reading session, he or she will always pay attention.
  2. Smart. This book will not only develop the child’s memory; this will also make the child smart. Imagine your kid excelling in school when he grows up. This book is a good material to unleash his imaginations. This book will be a major key to unlock his knowledge in English, Science, Math, Social Science and many more.
  3. Speak. The free video copy of this book will not only train the child’s listening skills, it will also develop his or her speaking skills. Expose the child to different type of materials and sooner you will realize he or she has already full control of the language.
  4. There are lots of reasons why parents should buy this book. Get this book and watch your kid excel during his or her developmental stage. Invest and you will see the positive results in the end.

Below is a short trailer what this amazing kids’ story is about:

Eric Russell is a dedicated entrepreneur and just a regular guy. He has always wanted to write a book specifically for children, which will lay down a solid foundation of vital for success personal traits. He knows how important it is to start exposing children to challenging situations in their early childhood in order to instill to them these powerful traits.