Chatting with Friends in My Mind

Dream Pool Sometimes when I have stress in my life and I don’t have time to talk to my friends.   Instead I have a conversation in my mind with them.

I think…  What would this person say about this?  What would this person tell me to do next?  This process really works for me.  I have fake discussions with people in my mind all the time.  These conversations guide me through my day. I find comfort in knowing what they would say.  These conversations always move me forward.

For example, if I get another revision back on my dissertation, I start to get really upset.  Then I think of what my husband would say.  Then a couple of my girl friends.  And before you know it, I am working on those revisions and starting the process all over again.

Sometimes I chat with God in the same way.  Instead of asking the question ” What would this person say about this? ” I think of what the bible says about it.  I think “What did people in the bible do in a similar situation?”.  The question “What would this person tell me to do next? ” I think of the many different things I hear about the bible at church, tv, radio, and other Christians in my life, and try to think about what those lessons would tell me.

While I prefer talking to my friends in person, this is another way that I keep moving forward in my life to do happy and positive things.

photo by: Ian Sane