Chatting with Friends in My Mind

Dream Pool Sometimes when I have stress in my life and I don’t have time to talk to my friends.   Instead I have a conversation in my mind with them.

I think…  What would this person say about this?  What would this person tell me to do next?  This process really works for me.  I have fake discussions with people in my mind all the time.  These conversations guide me through my day. I find comfort in knowing what they would say.  These conversations always move me forward.

For example, if I get another revision back on my dissertation, I start to get really upset.  Then I think of what my husband would say.  Then a couple of my girl friends.  And before you know it, I am working on those revisions and starting the process all over again.

Sometimes I chat with God in the same way.  Instead of asking the question “ What would this person say about this? ” I think of what the bible says about it.  I think “What did people in the bible do in a similar situation?”.  The question “What would this person tell me to do next? ” I think of the many different things I hear about the bible at church, tv, radio, and other Christians in my life, and try to think about what those lessons would tell me.

While I prefer talking to my friends in person, this is another way that I keep moving forward in my life to do happy and positive things.

photo by: Ian Sane

6 thoughts on “Chatting with Friends in My Mind

  1. Wow! I’m so happy I’m not the only one who works things out like that. I sometimes have conversations with God when I’m driving down the road and struggling with something. It really helps to just put stuff out there. Usually I feel better about it at the end of my journey. He is a really great listener.

  2. I have one specific friend who always give the best insightful advice. Sometimes, when I don’t have the chance to speak with her, I do this very same thing! Just the thought of what she would say is really helpful in settling my mind.

  3. What a great practice to try. I’ve heard about solving problems by visually inviting and meeting with great leaders around a board room table, and letting them work it out for you. Your suggestion seems to be similar, and maybe more effective since you actually know them in person. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I like your positive spin. I have conversations in my head but I’m usually voicing frustrations I would never say out loud. I am certain God is pleased that I have learned to hold my tongue, but I’m sure He would appreciate if I would clean up my thought-life as well. Thanks for the good thought, Lisa!

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