Author Interview Debra Diaz

This is the first of our author interview in the series.  Enjoy! 

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Debra Diaz, and I write historical fiction (with one exception: a contemporary mystery for young adults–hope to do more of those later.)  I do have a “day” job with a government agency, so writing time is limited. I have seven books out thus far, one of them a trilogy combining three of the books of the same storyline. The titles are: Woman of SinMan of GodChild of the King(making up the trilogy, but sold separately as well)— these are Biblical fiction set during and after the time of Christ; Shadow of Dawn, a romantic suspense novel set during the Civil War; Place of Peace, a post-Civil War novel set in Memphis during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878; Summons From a Stranger, a young adult mystery. 

What do you enjoy writing about the most?

I thoroughly enjoy the research aspect of historical fiction. In fact, it’s tempting to keep on researching forever, but one has to stop somewhere. I use books, periodicals, and traveling to actual locations (not for the Biblical novels, though!)There is such a wealth of information on the internet; however, I always try to double and cross check the research. In my “book notes” I encourage anyone who finds a “historical” error to let me know so that future editions may be corrected! There is a Christian theme in all my historical novels, and that’s the most important thing to me.

How did you get started writing e-books?

E-books have turned out to be a writer’s dream. My first book was published by a “traditional” publisher and I had less than a satisfactory experience, due to their over-pricing and lack of promotion. With e-books authors can upload their books and be in control of everything: content, book cover, pricing, publicity, etc.

What are some of your career goals?

As I say on my website,, my goal is to entertain, challenge and inspire! And I wouldn’t be too sad to quit my day job and write full time.

What is your favorite book of the


In the Woman of Sin trilogy, it would be almost impossible for me to separate them and call one of them my favorite. The stories are all woven so tightly together they are like one book. Woman of Sin is special because it was written over the course of about thirty years, with many revisions, so it’s a huge part of my life. Writing Man of God was a challenge because I needed to stay true to the characters while showing how they had changed as a result of their experiences, and create new characters to interact with them. In that process I got even closer to the main characters from WOS. With Child of the King, I had a lot of fun exploring the relationship between Rachel and Metellus, which starts off a little rocky and gets rockier. I guess you could say the trilogy itself is my favorite, as compared to the other books. But they all resulted from a labor of love.

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