Easy Crock Pot Ham and Bean Soup

My family and I love this soup on a cold winter day or even in the summer.  Just add all ingredients in crock pot for 8 hours on high.  Yum!
Even our little girl likes to eat all the pieces of the soup separately.  As I am trying to be more of a vegetarian, I add less meat each time and don’t notice a difference.  I only added a half pound of ham last week.
We usually have the left overs for lunch.  Everyone in my family loves this soup.
  • Cut carrots (1/2 lb)
  • Cut celery (1/2 stalk)
  • Cut Onion (Large)
  • Chicken broth (6 cups) I used canned because I found it on sale but you can use cubes.
  • Potatoes (4)- If you like
  • Ham (about 1 lb)  I use the already cooked ham.
  • Large can of Great Northern beans (use strainer and water)
  • Canned Corn (drained)
  • I like to add garlic (2 tablespoons of the the already prepared kind)
  • Pepper
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