Hosting A Baby Shower

Guest post from Zoe Robinson.  I felt so blessed to have the baby shower that I did.  Here are some baby shower tips from another guest poster from England.  Here is my Ready to Pop Baby Shower.  

You have welcomed your beautiful new born into the world, and are ready to show him or her off! After getting back home, making sure that everything is baby proof and as prepared as you can make it, you should definitely have a baby shower. If you are currently pregnant and would rather have the party before the baby is born, it can be arranged for then too.

Baby showers are named this because the mother is said to be ‘showered’ with gifts from friends and family members. Typically only women are invited to baby showers however it is up to the organisers as they can invite men if they wish too. Of course the theme of the party is centred around the new mum or mum to be and their baby. Mothers usually exchange tips and give gifts that will be for the baby, for the mum or things that will be of use around the home. These parties only used to be held for first time mothers however people now throw them each time they have a baby, and sometimes have a couple to split it out across family members and friends.

It is usually a friend of the mum or mum to be who organises the get together. They will have to plan a suitable venue and fill the space with party supplies, usually blue for a boy, pink for a girl or yellow if the sex of the baby is not yet known. It is great to provide a table buffet for guests to enjoy, fill it with simple things like sandwiches and other light snacks, not forgetting themed cupcakes for dessert! Once the party is underway it is usually the time that the gifts will be given to the mother, these are more than likely opened at the party so they can discuss the gifts and give tips on how to use some that are intended for the baby.
For men who think these parties are too girly they usually avoid them and ‘wet the baby’s head’ instead. This is where the father or father to be of the baby gets together with a group of friends and has a few drinks to celebrate.

Whether you want to host a get together with family and friends, or simply want to celebrate the future or recent birth of you child in a quieter way, make sure that you enjoy yourself. Having a baby is a life changing thing so take in every moment of the experience is important.

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