9 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Home Owner

Joyful RunwayHome ownership is in the air!  My sister, possibly my sister-in-law, and close good friends will soon be home owners!  What a big purchase in your life!  To keep the 50 Things You Should Know Series going I am creating a list of 50 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Home Owner.  This list is for people just moving out of their parents house, out of an apartment, or out of the college residence halls.  Homeowners please help me continue my list until I get to 50.  Thanks!

1.  Bills, Bills, Bills!

You need to pay them and they don’t come regularly.  Here are some tips to save money on your electric bill.

2. Having a Back-up Fund

3. Moving Stuff

I believe less is more.  Here are some tips on downsizing before you need to move stuff you don’t need on the big move.

4. Get Some Ideas

When you star moving things can be crazy.  Start planning some home decorating ideas on a pinterst board.  Research the type of things you would like so you can find the best deal.

5. Organize

6. Figure Out Your Finances

Check and double check to make sure you can make the payment.  We had friends that almost had to sell their house when they found out they owed extra on one year of taxes!  One way to do this is live in your current situation like you need to pay the bills for the home ownership live that you dream.  If you can do it for a year now, you can do it later (and you might save some money for backup in the future).

7. A Home Inspection Can Be A Deal Breaker

Even if you find a home you love, if there is a bad home inspection you need to be prepared to say No! If you are so excited about the house that you say yes, this could cost you money.

8.  Visit Your Prospective House at Different Times of the Day

Check out the lighting and the sound at different times of the day.  You may here trains, planes, or traffic sounds.  We have an apartment building near our house that has very bright lights at night.

9. Ask Past Home Owners for Utility Bills

When you figure out the numbers for your new house you don’t want to guess based on what you think the bills are.  Get the real numbers from past homeowners to make sure you can afford the new house you are looking at if you can.

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Lisa is the creator of the blog Charlie-The-Cavalier and His Friends, Family, and Home.  She is also the author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby..  Send Lisa Rusczyk and email at lbrennec@gmail.com.
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photo by: Ian Sane