Postpartum Recover Kit Materials


What we wished others would have warned us about.  Note: This is NOT to scare you, just the TRUTH!  Buying these items before the baby arrives is important because you may want to use the time after the baby is born for your baby. If you don’t have time to purchase these items yourself, you can purchase a hospital grade postpartum recovery kit.  This kit would make an AMAZING baby shower gift.  This list is for a vaginal birth.  Other items may be needed after a C-section.

Please pin for others!  One pinner wrote “A list of things that you’ll need for a few weeks after the baby is born – for the Mom herself.”

1. Super Long Maxi Pads– You may bleed for up to two weeks after birth.  This bleeding will be heavier than a regular period.  Make sure they are extra thick maxi pads for the amount of blood.

2. Granny Panties– You will need something to keep those giant pads in place.  You will need large underwear to hold those giant pads.

3. Instant Cold Pack– This cold pack may feel good on top of the maxi pad. 

4. Epsom Salt– For some Mom recover time after birth a bath tub epsom salt soakwill feel great to recover down there.

5. Wet Bath Tissue– You won’t want to use dry toilet paper.  These wet wipes may help.  

6. Stool Softeners- You’re going to need these.  You don’t want to strain down there.

7. Tylenol- Many parts of your body will need this medicine.  This is the only over the counter pain reliever that you can take while breastfeeding.

8. Nursing Pads– You will be draining.  You want to keep your fluids to yourself.   

9. Medicated First Aid Spray–  After giving vaginal birth you may have some brush burns.  

 The Insanity Workout is how I lost the baby weight and got back to my high school weight.  These workouts are great to keep you motivated to exercise while taking care of a baby.  I could just pause the DVD when I wanted to feed/change/play with the baby.  I also planned and portioned food ahead of time with these organized storage containers.  A great option if you are pregnant are these monthly workout DVDs.  Each month has a different workout. 


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