Week 17!

Thank you everyone for following my journey and all the positive comments! This past week has been AWESOME!  I feel great, and beautiful!  The 3 month hibernation is over!

Cravings:  Have not had any cravings in the past couple weeks.

Energy:    High.  No I actually feel like I am on a high!

Weight Gain: I think at this point a pound or two, thanks to nausea in the beginning of the pregnancy.

Baby Movement
: The doctor explained it as bubble wrap popping.  Yes I can confirm that I feel that sometimes.  Its pretty cool!

Surprises?:  My skin has been great! 

To Do: Right now I am concentrating on eating healthy food.  This was easy when I did not feel well.  Now I have to stay away from all the summer treats and eat food that is healthy for baby and I.