Post #2- The Cat is Out of the Bag (kinda)

Well after a good doctors appointment this weekend, my husband and I decided to tell some of our friends that good news! At this point my husband and I knew for about 2 weeks. We called people and told them in person. They were very excited for us. Since we knew for a while, we were not as quite as excited as them but very happy.

I definitely can tell my body is changing. Week 6. Without getting into details, the biggest changes are drinking lots of water, and being very sleepy. I am tired all day, but can’t actually fall asleep. I have been sleeping well at night though which is a good thing. Because of the tiredness I am missing caffeine just to feel normal. I am trying to stay healthy.

The doctor gave me 4 future appointments. He said “You are the one who wanted to get pregnant!”, and that is true so, bring it on. I am lucky to not work Fridays, so I have been trying to schedule as many appointments as possible then.

I am binging to think of all the future scheduled events and how pregnant I will be in each one. I am going to three wedding which two of them I am in, crab fest, wedding showers, bachloratte parties, and works! Well we will see how it goes!