Still Here!

I feel like I should update since I have not posted for a while.  (Thanks for the idea Diana)
  • I am home for the weekend to help my family out because of a death in the family. 
  • I am a Cheerleading coach now for girls 4-14 in the LH area.  I am nervous and excited about helping the team out!  
  • The house is wonderful.  So far easy to clean, and a great place to relax.  I really feel like it is home now.  Hopefully with children to follow soon!  
  • My doctorate is going…  1 year down, 2 1/2 to go.  If I just keep putting the work in, I will soon get there.  I am learning some interesting stuff along the way too. 
  • I have a side job now helping with a health online class.  It is nice to “work for yourself” as I make my own hours, and design classes the way I like.  
  • Still looking for a job, and still have not heard anything about when the jobs I have now last day is.  A little frustrated with how I am being treated when I am basically working for the government.  I thought little stuff like this only happen in private companies, guess not!
  • Loving all the time I get to spend with my friends lately.  Even if I win board games too often ;). 
  • I get to go outlet shopping with my sister today.  Hopefully I find some good winter clothes.