Knoebles Weekend

This weekend we got to go to KNOEBLES for a family birthday party.  George’s cousins child, Emily, turned 1! We had a great time! The theme was Miney Mouse!  This baby was born around time time of our wedding. 
The food was really good.  We also go to see George’s Mom. When I look at this picture I hope that our children are a little taller than me!
We then got to ride the pioneer train.  Watch for the tunnel!  I really like the train at Knoebles. At the turn you can see squires eating at the feeders.  You also go next to by by a stream, the camp ground, and under a roller coaster!  George wants a train when he wins the lottery.  I told him he is more likely to get one if he invents something.  Start thinking!
Our friends Mike and Amanda also joined us.  Here is a picture of them on the train.  They look so happy!  We then went golfing with Mike and Amanda, got some more food and left.  George won mini golf because he got 4 holes in 1!  What skill!  We even knew where we parked this time! 

Thanks Kozmo for another great time at Knoebles!  This is our second time there this year.  I am sure that we will be back again! Here are a few more photos.