Busy Evening

I had a great evening after work. George and I went to Lowes and we got new lamp shades for the living room. They update the room a lot. We then went to Sheetz and cashed in a couple lottery tickets for new ones. They were not winners. George said he will be done with lottery tickets for a while but I do not believe him.

We then went to Avenue 209 for an iced coffee and a soda float. I wanted the caffeine to stay awake for trivia night and George always loved a good soda in a glass. We played uno and I won :).

We then went for a 2 mile run on the levee. I listened to Christmas music because I did not realize that was the only thing on Georges MP3 player. The last 1/2 of mile was hard but it felt great when I was done. The shower after a long run always feels so good. Maybe I should run the days that I don’t feel like showering.

We then went to trivia night at Uncle Als. We got 2nd but we all had a great time. I knew a couple questions which I was happy about. Now time for bed an another great summer day.