Charlie the Cavalier book +keeping kids of all ages feeling loved and connected to others when distance keeps them apart.


Charlie the Cavalier is a children’s book and printable puppet

who keeps children engaged while with others or during video chatting.

Illustrator: Magdalena Takáčová

Written By: Lisa Rusczyk


Yes!  Please Give Me My Free Charlie the Cavalier Puppet and Other Activities

Being Separated From Loved Ones Is Difficult for Children and Adults

Every child need to be left by a loved one at one time for another, no matter how much the loved one wants to be with their child.  When people are separated by space, children want to know that there family member loves them and will be there for them.  They may try to video chat with their loved ones but not be able to get the attention of small children.  Charlie the Cavalier teaches children that their loved ones are safe and allows them to interact with loved one though being entertained while skyping.
Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention gets kids excited to interact by teaching families how to sing, whistle, dance, play games, and more while video chatting.The Charlie the Cavalier puppet started with a little girl who did not want to Skype with her family members that did not live close to home.  She wanted to interact but there was nothing that sparked her interest.

Who is this book for?

Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention is for children between 2 and 6.  Happy customers have also bought this book for a newborn – just like clothes, they’ll grow into it!  A great baby shower gift.  The puppet can be used with or without video chatting.

Meet the Creators

Lisa Rusczyk- Founder

553680_778422438538_19587441_nLisa Rusczyk has been a software trainer, multimedia technician, and instructional designer in the past. But she is now a stay at home Mom.  She loves to be interact with little ones where ever she goes. Lisa is currently earning a doctorate from the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia but now lives in Lock Haven, PA.

Magdalena Takáčová- Illustrator

Magdalena is from The Czech Republic.  She was selected for this project from a group of amazing artists.  Magdalena’s amazing illustrations stood out from all the rest. She comes from an artistic family. Magdalena amazing illustrations and love of animals makes her a perfect fit for this project.  In her free times she organizes art-workshops for local kids.

 Charlie the Cavalier Puppet

Yes!  Please Give Me My Free Charlie the Cavalier Puppet and Other Activities

Reviews from Parents

I just read this fun book with my three Grandkids, ranging in age from 6-20 months and it is such a fun book.  The kids all love it and now we are telling even more knock knock jokes, even the 20 month old. This story kept all of the kids engaged and the illustrations are fantastically bright and wonderful. We all had so much fun reading the book. Great read and I’m happy we got to read it. -Kathleen,  from the Fearless Creative Mamas Blog I think this is a great way to engage children when they are away from a loved one. It is also a really good way to occupy small ones when they happen to get stuck in an adult only environment. They are left feeling a part of the activity and well loved. Charlie the Cavalier is a wonderful read for children, be it at bedtime, when loved ones are away and on Skype or just an everyday rhyme. The words are catchy and engaging for young children.  -Pam Andrews, Mom Charlie the Cavalier is an adorable read along story for kids. It is written with a nice rhyme and the pictures would be great for kids. I would have liked a story line but the book works as a nice comforting read when loved ones are far away. Don’t forget the free downloadable bonus, great for the kids too. -Kevin S., Dad



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