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Charlie the Cavalier Goes to the Amusement Park

Goes to the Amusement Park Join Lilly and her best friend Charlie on their next adventure to the amusement park. They enjoy the amusement park and your children can learn how act around others while they are there. This is the authors 3 year old daughters favorite Charlie the Cavalier book.

Charlie the Cavalier Goes to the Amusement Park


Begs for Attention Follow Charlie along as he travels with a little girls Mom during a trip while Lilly is home. Children will relate to the little girls need for comfort when a family member is away, as much as parents will appreciate Charlie the Cavaliers reassuring message. This book is great for video chatting with family and friends.

Charlie the Cavalier Begs for AttentionĀ 

Charlie the Cavalier Travels the World

Travels the World Join Charlie the Cavalier on his travels around the world. Kids will learn how to keep in touch with home while they travel and learn different landmarks around the world. This is the authors favorite Charlie the Cavalier book.

Cavalier The Cavalier Travels the World

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